The number two

The number two

The digit used in the modern Western world to represent the number 2 traces its roots back to the Indic Brahmic script, where "2" was written as two horizontal lines. The modern Chinese and Japanese languages still use this method. The Gupta script rotated the two lines 45 degrees, making them diagonal. The top line was sometimes also shortened and had its bottom end curve towards the center of the …

In the Tarot the number two is the card of the High Priestess. High priestess symbolizes wisdom and good judgment. Reversed it indicates making poor decisions. There were two huge pillars on the porch of Solomon’s Temple, the first temple of Jerusalem. (Solomon was the son of King David.) The two pillars were named Boaz and Jachin.


 · The Number 2 and Togetherness The American psychiatrist Karl Menninger (1893 – 1990) said: “In the Two we experience the very essence of number more intensely than in any other numbers, that essence of being to bind many together into one, to equate plurality and unity”. This is so true!

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