· The spiritual meaning of number nine deals with intellectual power, inventiveness, influence over situations and things. Nine beseeches us to recognize our own internal attributes, and extend these abilities out into the world to make a positive, influential difference.

Spiritual Meaning of number One. . . 1 is a strong assertive symbol of individuality, the beginning of self discovery and self empowerment. One is the spiritual essence of singularity, seeking, reaching, exploring to define self. The form of number 1 is perfectly straight like an arrow.


 · 7. The number 7 is linked to communication, luck, openness, and good fortune. In addition, number 7 resonates with spiritual awareness and awakening as well as spiritual enlightenment. This number also resonates with everything linked to spiritual health and spiritual growth.

The angel number means only the positive things. If you are seeing this any angel number it means that something good is waiting for you. Our website will help you find a way to under these angel numbers that appears in front of you. Angel Numbers can go upto 4 digits and when more than 1 number is combined then it forms a new meaning.


 · A highly spiritual number, 777 signifies teaching or learning a more spiritually conscious way of thinking and being. 888 - DNA Upgrade The angels tell me the number 888 is not seen as often.

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